Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY: cleaning make up brushes!

Easy, quick and cheap. 3 ways to clean your make up brushes.

1.PURE CAR OF SOAP: wet the bar of soap and the brush making sure the water does go in the barrel (metal cylinder) rube the brush on the soap rinse the soap often to remove the make up that has been removed from the brush. When all the make up is removed from the brush and no more washes onto the soap rinse the brush without getting water in the barrel. Lay on a towel to dry! 

2.WASHING UP LIQUID: put a small amount if washing up liquid on your hand, wet the brush making sure water doesn't go into the barrel, rub the brush on your hand until no more make up washes of the brush, make sure you rinse of your hand regularly so you can tell when the make up has stopped washing off. when finished rinse in water. Lay on a towel to dry. 

3.BABY SHAMPOO: do the same steps that are in the number 2 but substitute the washing up  liquid for baby shampoo. This is personally my favourite method and i use this all the time because it leaves the brushes clean and soft! 

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