Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hair masks !!

Many people are unaware about hair mask and don't know what that do or where to find one that is affordable but also works well... I have the answers! 
Hair masks are a little like face masks they help to revive and nourish dry and damaged hair. To use you simply leave in hair for the recommended time on the packaging and then rinse.
I found this macadamia oil extract hair mask (see image bellow) in a shop called family bargains. Family bargains is a shop that sells food to make up to garden goods etc and they are literally bargains. I found this hair mask for only 99p and it is a very good size and a very good product. So if you haven't done so already pop down to family bargains and have a look around. 
Other places you should find hair masks are any drug store ( boots, Superdrug etc) and store like asda, tesco etc 

Monday, 24 February 2014


I know poundshop isn't the nicest place to be.
But it honestly is the place to go to find quality things that are usually a bit pricey for only £1! 
The reason why the merchandise is only £1 because the products was over stocked in other shops or in storage, so these shops sell them off cheap to poundshop so then poundshop can sell it for cheaper as well! 
An example i purchased and OPI nail polish and china glaze nail polish fir only £1 each when they normally retail for £7-£8 
You need to go check it out!  

Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY: cleaning make up brushes!

Easy, quick and cheap. 3 ways to clean your make up brushes.

1.PURE CAR OF SOAP: wet the bar of soap and the brush making sure the water does go in the barrel (metal cylinder) rube the brush on the soap rinse the soap often to remove the make up that has been removed from the brush. When all the make up is removed from the brush and no more washes onto the soap rinse the brush without getting water in the barrel. Lay on a towel to dry! 

2.WASHING UP LIQUID: put a small amount if washing up liquid on your hand, wet the brush making sure water doesn't go into the barrel, rub the brush on your hand until no more make up washes of the brush, make sure you rinse of your hand regularly so you can tell when the make up has stopped washing off. when finished rinse in water. Lay on a towel to dry. 

3.BABY SHAMPOO: do the same steps that are in the number 2 but substitute the washing up  liquid for baby shampoo. This is personally my favourite method and i use this all the time because it leaves the brushes clean and soft! 

Cheap, high quality make up

Looking for high quality make up without the hight price? Then check out the MUA (make up academy) make up range in super drug.
  All MUA make p is high quality but very affordable the price ranges from £1- £5.
  MUA stock a large range of make up such as blush, lip stick (both glossy and matt), single eye shadow ( shimmer and matt) eye shadow pallet ( shimmer and matt), glosses, eye liner( liquid, gel and pencil) and so much more! 
So go and check it out 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Get fit for summer: clothes

Thinking about buying some new fitness clothing? Don't want to spend a lot of money, but still want the quality?Then check out decathlon!
     Decathlon sell a wide range of merchandise from camping and rafting to gym and yoga clothing, equipment and accessories.
    I just recently purchased gym leggings that cost £5.99 each but are on offer two for £10.00 
    My father just recently purchased 3 skiing skins that he is going to wear under a tee while he is training or when he goes for a run. They usually cost around £7.00-£9.00 each but are on offer 3 for £15

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lip balm must haves!!

These lip balms by Nivea are amazing.They make your lips feel soft and kissable! ;) They are easy to find as they are sold in many store such as Asda, Boots, Superdrug and most other drug stores. Each if these lip balms are under £5! 
      Nivea hydro care is perfect for when your lips are feeling dry, chapped and are starting to crack.Hydro care does what it says, it hydrates your lips leaving you with lips that are hydrated and soft!
      Nivea essential care is a slightly heavier lip balm and is great for when your lips need a little pick me up, it leaves your lips feeling soft and revived.
       Nivea lip butter in original is by far my favourite product out if the trio because it leaves your lips feeling amazing it hydrates and moisturises leaving your lips feeling soft and kissable! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Affordable moisturisers

If you have oily to combination skin then i have the perfect moisturiser for you! 
Light moisture by avon is a godsent for all you girls that have oily skin but also gets dry patches here and there,since this product really moisturises you face without leaving it looking or feeling
greasy or shiny!   
Light moisture is a gel based moisturiser instead of cream and is specially formulated for the oily to combination skin type. 
You can buy it here:
If you don't have oily skin don't worry because avon also have moisturisers for dry to combination and ageing skin 
Another brilliant thing about these products are that they are all under £5 and are on SALE right now for only £1.75 on